We design each treatment and therapy package for the individual. Nothing is generic, all is genuine and we believe that to be true with every patient we treat and care for. With this in mind we  ask that you send us your medical information and all recent lab work especially Liver Profiles, EKG'S, and Heavy Metal Tests,and any and all communicable Diseases before you arrive.

Ala Carte Amenities

Acupuncture Sessions                         
$85.00                  Per

Parasite Zapper Sessions                     
$25.00                 Per

Chelation Edta                                     
$200.00                Per

Vitamin Iv Drips                                      
$200.00                Per

Ozone Treatments (Whole Body)    
$95.00 - $300.00   Per

Daily Psycho Therapy                         
$100.00                Per

Colonic Irrigations                             
$85.00                   Per

Day Meal Package                                 
$100.00                Per Day

Pulse Ion Magnetic Induction (PAPIMI Effective for Chronic Pain & Injuries)              
$150.00                Per

Ibogaine Therapy Package                
$4,100.00              Per Pkg

(Live Stem) Cell Treatment Package        
$3,800.00              Per Pkg

(Poly Stem) Cell Treatment Package        
$2,300.00              Per Pkg

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Therapy (Mini Face Lift, Sports Injuries & Chronic Pain Relief)          
$1,900.00                  Per

(Note: Taxes Are Not Included) ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS
Note: All Currency Rates Subject To Change Dependent on Current Markets.

Please observe our program rules before making reservations:
House Rules:

No Drugs that are not prescribed by your Doctor, 
No Alcohol, 
No Cigarettes (please bring your electronic cigarettes with you)
Threats Or Violence Are NOT Permitted. 
Your treatment program as designed by your Physicians and Counselors and Nutritionist are to be strictly followed!!!

Violations of House Rules are Grounds for Immediate Expulsion and Forfeiture of Funds paid.

Cooperation Is A MUST
For All Patients.

Reservations Policy
We require 50% payment  at  time of reservation, via direct deposit, and the balance due 7 days before arrival. Any special, discount or promotional packaging will be required to be paid 100% in full upon reservation.
Other services e.g. additional acupuncture, massage, are to be paid in cash.


“Through better understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits we will be able to overcome any challenge that is placed on us, be it a crippling illness or a soul crushing addiction. We will not and cannot surrender to something as trivial as sickness. We are human beings, derived from universal understanding and star dust. The only thing inhibiting us to succeed is ourselves”

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